My Diet: Control your body

Icon-72@2x Our application is designed for people involved in sports and active lifestyles, and for those who simply want to lose weight or gain weight. With this application, you can keep track of any changes in your weight, occurring as a result of training or dieting.

Key features of the application:

✓ Building the graph of weight change
✓ Using the different units of weight (kilograms, pounds, etc.)
✓ The reminder of the need to be weighed
✓ Protecting of profile with password
✓ Multiple profiles for different users
✓ Syncronization data between devices using iCloud

You can enter data to the application with any regularity. With the graph of weight change, you can always trace the change dynamics of your body weight in a convenient and accessible format.

With the reminder system you can schedule when you have to weigh . This is very useful for those who are concerned the exact dynamics of the weight. For example, if you try a new diet, getting ready for some sports or just exercise regularly for your own development.